My name is Mark Lund, but you can call me "MC". I am a full time front-end developer and graphic designer, aspiring to become the best full stack developer I could be. A lover of visual arts, I enjoy doing traditional and digital illustrations on my spare time. Wanna check out some of my works? Click on the link here: Art Bluck


I'm Good at


Responsive Front-End Design

Graphic Design

Web App Development

Motion Graphics and Video Creation

Typhography Design

Pestering Siblings!!


I may not look the part, but I am quite the busy body. I love working with different projects.

Below are some of those things





Even when I was still studying I have always been willing to help and be of use to others. With the skills and knowledge I have acquired over the years from both my schoolwork and self-study, I have spent it on volunteering works whether it may be of in academic or social matters. With the being said below are those organizations I have worked or is currently working with.

"Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school." -Albert Einstein